Jeep FLag 2 Laser Engraved Skinny Tumbler (Etched)



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Introducing the Jeep FLag 2 Laser Engraved Skinny Tumbler (Etched)! 🌟

Get ready to embark on a sip-tastic adventure with this enchanting 22oz. Skinny Tumbler. With its mesmerizing laser-engraved design, this tumbler is a true work of art! But hold on tight, because there’s more to discover.

Available in a kaleidoscope of 17 vibrant colors, this tumbler is here to add a splash of whimsy to your everyday routine. And let us assure you, this is no ordinary sticker – it’s a high-quality etching that won’t wash off, no matter how many times you put it through the dishwasher!

But wait, there’s more! This double wall insulated wonder is a true champion when it comes to keeping your beverages at the perfect temperature. Whether you’re sipping on a steamy cup of joe or cooling down with an icy cold drink, this tumbler has got your back. It’s like having a trusty sidekick that never lets you down!

And hey, did we mention the clever design? This tumbler is specially crafted to fit snugly in smaller hands, making it the perfect companion for those with a touch of whimsy. So go ahead, take a sip and let your imagination run wild!

With an overall size of 8″ tall (without lid) and a diameter of 3 1/8″, this tumbler is the ideal size for your on-the-go adventures. And when you add the lid, it reaches a towering 8 1/4″ – a true testament to its magical powers!

So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Add a dash of whimsical charm to your day with the Jeep FLag 2 Laser Engraved Skinny Tumbler (Etched). It’s time to sip, smile, and let the adventure begin! βœ¨πŸš€

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